Catalyst brings back 80% LTV option


Catalyst is returning to 80% LTV specialist bridging. Previously, the lender had reduced its LTV limits to 75% in response to market conditions.

From today, a wide range of Catalyst’s products are available to 80% LTV, including: everyday bridging, light refurbishment finance, development exit finance, finish and exit finance, and auction finance.

The maximum loan size is £1,000,000, and the maximum value per property unit is £750,000.

For everyday bridging, the rates offered are 0.79% for 65% LTV;0.85% for 70% LTV; 0.89% for 75% and 0.99% for 80% LTV.

Catalyst CEO Chris Fairfax comments: “The timing is right; higher leverage loans on our loan book are performing exceptionally well, and we’ve seen increased broker demand at 80% for loans that ‘make sense’ to our credit team.

“I will stress, while Catalyst remains happy to lend on the more complex loans and to less experienced borrowers at 70% LTV, our 80% LTV lending is available for centre risk deals and experienced borrowers.

Fairfax adds: “We know there are great deals out there in need of 80% leverage and our doors are open to brokers, from today we’re back with higher-leverage funding.”

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