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Traditional Loans

30 Year Fixed Rate

30 Year- This option is a 360-month term that provides the lowest monthly payment available. This term also provides the most tax benefit annually!

Adjustable Rate

Adjustable Rate This option provides an
opportunity to capture a lower rate for the first couple years of your loan.

VA Loans

VA Loans – A loan designed for those who served our country offering the lowest rates. You can access up to 100% of your equity for Cash Out and 0% down is required when buying a new home!

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Loans- This option allows for loans that are larger than the conforming loan limits. The loan limits vary by county and competitive rates are still offered.


HELOC- Line of credit allows you to access up to 95% of your home’s equity while leaving your rate on your first mortgage. You are able to draw the funds for the first 10 years.

CalHFA Loans

This loan provides down payment assistance programs to qualified buyers while obtaining Conventional Financing.

15 Year Fixed Rate

15 Year- This option is a 180-month term that allows you to pay more Principal versus Interest from day one. This allows you to own your home free and clear sooner.

Conventional Loans

Conventional- This option is known as the traditional route offering low rates with no PMI options. You can Purchase or Cash Out on Primary, Secondary, and Investment Properties. You can purchase a new primary residence with down payments starting at 5%. Also known as a traditional loan with low rates with no PMI options.

FHA Loans

FHA Loans- Product for clients with tighter qualifications to still allow them to qualify for purchase, rate & term, or cash out loans. The low 3.5% down payment is offered along with guidelines that are a little more flexible than the traditional conventional loan.

USDA Loans

USDA Loans- This loan allows eligible buyers with low to moderate income acquire their new home. No Down Payment options allow you to finance closing costs into the loan!

2nd Mortgages

2nd Mortgages – This loan is an alternative to doing a full Cash Out Refinance where you can take up to 95% of your home’s equity. The funds are disbursed at closing with a secured rate anywhere from 5-30yrs! This loan sits behind your first mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage

This option is designed for clients 62yrs and up allowing you to convert your home’s equity into cash


Bank Statement Loans

Bank Statement Loans – Loans designed for Self-Employed clients based upon last 12 or 24 months of deposits for either Personal / Business accounts

Stated Income Loans

Stated Income Loans – These loans allow clients to Purchase, Refinance, or Cash Out with very little income docs. The client is qualified on the income they state and does not require W2, paystubs, or tax returns.

203k Home Loans

203k Home Loans – This loan allows home buyers and homeowners to finance the cost of its home’s rehab through a single mortgage.


DSCR – Absolute match for Investors – clients can Purchase, Refinance, or Cash Out with no income docs! This is designed solely for investment properties and qualifies based on the market rent value of your home.

AirBnb Loans

AirBnb Loans – This program is for Investors with plans to put their home on Airbnb and earn steady guaranteed income!

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