Move-in tips

        • Set a budget and create a moving checklist
          Keep your financial stability in check by mapping out a budget before commencing the process of moving. Doing so allows you to allocate your funds where it matters most and prevents any post-move surprises. Create a checklist as you go along to help with organization and easy decision making – two key components that’ll make for a (relatively) stress-free move!
    • Moving company vs renting moving truck
      Don’t forget to factor in the cost of materials when you’re comparing moving companies with renting a truck or using portable storage containers.
    • Packing for the move
      In order to alleviate stress on move-in day, make it your goal to be completely packed beforehand. Additionally, there are steps you can take during the packing process that will set you up for an easy unpacking experience. Here are a few:
    1. Color code your boxes according to where they belong in your new home – this will make unpacking much easier.
    2. Write the destination rooms on the outside of each box – if you’re moving yourself, this will save a lot of time; If you hire movers, it’ll be helpful for them too.
    3. Set aside a box for all of the items you’ll need access to immediately upon arriving at your new place – trust us, you won’t regret having everything from toothpaste to pajamas in one spot when you’re exhausted from exploring and settling into your new home..
    4. Pack clothes that are still on hangers by wrapping them in garbage bags or hanging them inside wardrobe boxes – no one likes wrinkles!
    5. Put small items like toiletries in sealable plastic bags before packing them away so they don’t get lost in the shuffle
    6. Save boxes for last – Packing important papers, valuables electronics should never go into large packed with other things.
    • Unpacking
      Once you arrive at your new home, take a moment to explore before unpacking all of the boxes. By getting an idea of where everything is located, it’ll be easier to determine which rooms certain items should go in. After that’s done, focus on unpacking any essential boxes first – things like clothes, toiletries, and sheets – so you can feel more comfortable in your new space.
    • Walkthrough your new home
      Get peace of mind by making sure your utilities are running smoothly and inspect for any potential problems.
      Though it may be tempting to try and get everything done at once, don’t be too hard on yourself when moving into a new home. Instead, take your time enjoying your new surroundings and completing each task bit by bit.

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