Finanze Group unveils lending arm for corporate clients


Finance property solutions firm, Finanze Group is launching a lending division, Finanze Capital, which will provide a variety of tailored bridging and development finance facilities for corporate clients.

Alongside standard fast open market value (OMV) bridging, bespoke products offered will include SSAS development finance and revolving credit facilities, title split finance enabling up to 100% of purchase price funding, and experience-building bridging loans enabling foreign nationals to purchase property while improving their credit history.

Loans for these products will start at £25,000 and go up to £1.5m.

Finanze Capital has also developed products for clients undertaking larger scale works and developments. This includes a commercial bridge-to-lease option, (a commercial bridge with an automatic exit to a commercial mortgage all in one). This sits alongside a development-to-let facility for developers that want to retain their sites as residential BTL properties or commercial properties on completion.

Finanze Capital will be headed up by Molly Markey, a banking and finance expert previously lending operations manager for Arbuthnot Latham Specialist Finance.

Finanze Group founder Alastair Hoyne, comments: “We set up Finanze Group to offer the kind of financing solutions you simply won’t find anywhere else, and Finanze Capital will allow us to channel this vision by increasing the reach of our solutions.”

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