Kensington cuts BTL fixes by up to 96bps, intros small deposit offers  


Kensington Mortgages has lowered selected fixed-rate residential deals by up to 20 basis points, and has launched new loans for borrowers with smaller deposits.  


The specialist lender says its reductions fall across its Select, Core, Hero, Young Professionals, eKo £1,000 Cashback, eKo £500 Reward, and Property Plus ranges.  

In its Select range, cuts include a five-year fix at 5.29%, a three-year fix at 5.49%, and a two-year fix at 5.59%. All are up to 75% loan to value, with a £999 fee.   

Its Hero suite offers a five-year fix at 5.19% and a two-year fix at 5.49%, both of which are up to 75% LTV, with a £999 fee.   

The business also has adjusted its five-year fix for both its eKo £1,000 Cashback and eKo £500 Reward green mortgages at up to 75% LTV, both at 5.39%, with no fee.  

The business has also introduced more options for residential clients with smaller deposits, adding no-fee loans at 95% LTV.   

Its five-year fixes now start at 7.44%, without a fee, and a free valuation, in addition to an option with a 6.94% rate and £1,299 fee.   

Its three-year fix includes a 7.59% rate, without a fee, and a free valuation, as well as a 7.09% and £1,299 fee option.   

While its two-year fix, begins at 7.99%, without a fee, and a free valuation, in addition to an option with a 7.49% rate and £1,299 fee.  

The lender has also cut rates by up to 96bps across selected landlord products, including houses in multiple occupancy and multi-unit block mortgages.   

Its buy-to-let rates now start at 5.19% for five-year fixes, 5.29% for three-year fixes, and 5.59% for two-year fixes, based on 75% LTV and including a 2% fee. The new rates also apply to limited companies.    

The business also offers new two- and five-year fixed special rate BTL products, all of which come with free valuations.   

This includes two-year fixes at 4.15% for 70% LTV and 4.54% for 75% LTV as well as five-year fixes at 4.49% for 75% LTV, all of which include a 5% fee.   

It also launches a two-year fix at 4.84% and a five-year fix at 5.09%, both for 75% LTV, with a 3% fee.  

The firm adds that for landlord with houses in multiple occupancy and multi-unit block loans, it has introduced a five-year fixed special rate at 4.69% up to 75% LTV and a two-year fix at 4.24% with 70% LTV. Both include a 5% fee.   

Kensington Mortgages chief commercial officer Vicki Harris says: “This latest update to our product range highlights the increasing breadth of Kensington’s offering as we continue to look for ways to cater to the distinct needs of a wider range of borrowers.”  

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