LiveMore Capital sets up social bond framework


LiveMore Capital has set up a social bond framework as part of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

Social bonds are used to finance projects which address social issues, allowing investors to invest in positive social change.

LiveMore’s social bond framework has been developed based on the rules of the International Capital Market Association (Icma).

The framework is supported by a second-party opinion by ISS Corporate Solutions.

The lender is exploring further opportunities under the Icma Green Bond and Icma Sustainability Bond principles, with a view to launching products which help finance progress towards environmental and social sustainability in the near future.

LiveMore head of legal Alexandra Hansmeyer says: “Most mortgages don’t have a social angle but our products do. They are for borrowers that other lenders don’t want to lend to because they’re deemed too old, which is wrong on so many levels.”

“We believe our social bond framework and future plans to expand on this with the likes of green mortgages are positive attributes for a modern, ethical mortgage lender.”

“Our partnership with Trillion Trees is hugely important to us along with our commitment to sustainability and our carbon net zero target.”

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