Lacey Halstead

Sr. Loan Processor


Hi I’m Lacey.

Lacey Halstead is a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry, boasting a comprehensive background that spans since 2014. Throughout her career, Lacey has gained expertise in a variety of roles, including Appraisals, Submissions, and serving as the Lead Post Closer. Her diverse experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of the industry, culminating in her current role as a Loan Processor.

In January 2023, Lacey embarked on a new journey, becoming a mother to a beautiful daughter. Embracing this life-changing experience, she took a few months off to focus on her newborn, during which time she also achieved significant professional milestones by obtaining her NMLS and Real Estate licenses. This dedication to both her personal and professional growth is a testament to her commitment and versatility.

Outside of her career, Lacey is passionate about fitness and the outdoors. Whether it’s hitting the gym for a weightlifting session or exploring nature through hiking, she finds joy and balance in staying active. Additionally, Lacey cherishes spending quality time with friends, frequently exploring new and exciting restaurants on the weekends. Her love for travel is unmatched, always seeking out new adventures and experiences around the globe.

Lacey’s unique blend of industry expertise, personal achievement, and dedication to wellness and adventure makes her a dynamic and inspiring professional

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Lacey Halstead

Sr. Loan Processor


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