Tegan Eddington

Exec Mortgage Consultant


Hi I’m Tegan.

Tegan Eddington has carved a remarkable path in the finance sector, particularly in the realms of business loans and mortgage transactions. After earning her degree in finance, Tegan dedicated over ten years to originating business loans, a role that equipped her with an in-depth understanding of the loan industry. This wealth of knowledge now serves as a cornerstone for her ability to navigate her clients through the complexities of mortgage transactions. Tegan’s approach is highly personalized, ensuring that whether a client is navigating their first loan or is a seasoned investor, they receive tailored guidance that makes the process as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tegan is an avid lover of the great outdoors and is passionate about travel. Her leisure time is often spent exploring the beauty of nature, whether it be hiking through rugged mountain terrains, snowboarding down snowy slopes in the winter, or jetting off to a new country to immerse herself in different cultures. Tegan’s adventurous spirit and dedication to her work reflect her dynamic personality and her commitment to both her personal passions and her professional responsibilities.

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Tegan Eddington

Exec Mortgage Consultant

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