Top Originator Spotlight: Tina Hogan of Network Funding


TH: Last year, I was given a referral by our local housing authority. They had homes that they owned that had been rented out to underserved families. The housing authority was now selling these homes to the families that had been renting for many years. After talking to the lead, she referred two of her neighbors who were doing the same thing. The loan amounts were small, but I had the opportunity to help three families who thought they would never own a home and complete their dream of homeownership. I loved being a part of that process. 

MPA: How has technology impacted your business recently?

TH: I appreciate having the Network Funding simpl® app on which my clients can complete an application. It’s helpful to have one spot where they can apply, upload documentation and have all their disclosures sent through.

MPA: What energizes you about your work?

TH: I really love working with first-time homebuyers. It’s so rewarding to help people obtain one of their biggest goals. On the flip side of that, I have been doing this long enough to help the same clients multiple times and am also starting to see the referral of their children. I love the relationships formed over the years and working with people who have become more like friends and family than just clients.

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