Turnkey Lender Review

By: ameer@trustedteam.com

TurnKey Lender is loan origination software that provides an end-to-end system automating all steps of the mortgage lending process. These steps include the mortgage loan application, borrower evaluation, origination, underwriting, servicing, collecting, reporting, and compliance, among many others. TurnKey Lender’s system uses machine learning algorithms and proprietary deep neural networks for overall security as well as credit decisioning accuracy.  

Due to TurnKey Lender’s proprietary AI-driven technology, machine-learning algorithms, and deep neural networks, the loan origination software can make loan decisions in less than 30 seconds. The system’s feat is achieved thanks to TurnKey Lender’s decisioning engine, which allows for in-depth adjustment of the scorecard and decision rules. Through the loan’s disbursal, TurnKey Lender’s system fully automates every step of the lending process.  

TurnKey Lender is loan origination software that automates every step of the mortgage lending process. Throughout the process, TunKey Lender offers key loan origination features, which include the following: 

  • Audit trail. The audit trail allows users to track changes and view date/time records. 
  • Customer management. Through TurnKey Lender’s customer management, you can capture and analyze information about your customers, as well as your interactions with your customers. 
  • Electronic signature. This feature allows you to sign documents directly within the system.  
  • Online applications. This is another feature that gives users the ability to fill out application forms and submit them directly onto the web.  
  • Compliance management. The compliance management feature allows you to track and manage non-adherence to policies in a product, service, process, or supplier behavior. 
  • Document management. The document management feature allows you to collect, upload, store, and share all your documents in a centralized place. This makes it simpler for anyone involved to access the information. 
  • Loan processing. Loan processing collects and prepares all information and documents required to close mortgage loan for the borrower.  

TurnKey Lender offers three key platforms:  

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