TwentyCi partners with Pitsford Consulting over conveyancing database software  


The firms say TwentyConvey, which tracks over 99% of all residential property listings, alerts conveyancing companies when former purchase clients list their properties for sale.   

Its database also reveals the performance of firms, their competitors and relevant geographies “to paint a vivid picture of competitive positions and strategic options”, they add.  

TwentyCi was formed in 2009 from the consultancy and database marketing division of data and customer relationship management business Dataforce Group.  

Data consultancy Pitsford Consulting was established in 2013 and launched its latest product, Conveyancing Alerts, in 2018.   

TwentyCi chief executive Ian Lancaster says: “Together, we are providing a new and vital management resource for leaders of conveyancing operations, providing a tailored source of new business leads and market intelligence.  

“Users have an exclusive daily feed of alerts when former clients return to the market, and detailed insight from market data that lifts the lid on competitors, local markets and trends. The alerts drive up new business and the Insight tool improves management performance.”  

Pitsford Consulting owner Richard Hinton, adds: “Working with TwentyCi means we will now deliver at scale, solutions we’ve been developing in recent years. These data tools should become staples in any conveyancing firm’s operational make-up.”  

“They counter two of the most pressing problems residential conveyancers face.   

“Firstly, this must be one of the few remaining industries where leaders are required to lead in a vacuum of market intelligence — which of course is ironic given that the eradication of risk is part of lawyers’ professional DNA”.  

“Secondly, until now it has been virtually impossible to pro-actively retain clients over the prolonged home-owning lifecycle. Typically, a repeat conveyancing client is one who returns of their own initiative”. 

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