LMS launches ID checking software partnership with tmgroup  

By: ameer@trustedteam.com

LMS has launched a partnership with tech firm tmgroup to deliver law firm identity-checking software across the firm’s client base.    

The conveyancing services group says its confirmly software provides real-time monitoring to law firms to verify account details automatically before funds are transferred, reducing the risk of falling victim to scams.   

It adds that the new integration will allow tmgroup clients access confirmly through its existing platform.  

LMS commercial director Travis Scholes says: “The safety of consumers has never been more important – the nature of the housing market at the moment and the increasing sophistication with which fraudsters target firms means verifying law firm and bank details quickly is vital.   

“Doing this without holding up the whole conveyancing process is key for delivering a seamless and efficient journey without compromising on financial safety.”  

Tmgroup sales & marketing director Matt Joy adds: “All of our solutions were born from a mission to simplify and automate the conveyancing process while managing risk effectively.   

“Technology is vital for this and the integration with LMS confirmly allows us to provide that extra reassurance to clients that any funds they are handling on behalf of the end borrower are safe during large transactions.”  

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